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The 3 Sverd Invest community has invested in TribeShares pre-seed funding round.

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

The announcement was made at the GründerHub final (Sr-banks Startup program) in Stavanger 2021, which TribeShares ended up winning. The round was oversubscribed and closed at > 10 Mill NOK.

TribeShares is a typical venture case; a tech enabled company solving important problems in a huge market with a scalable business model. And they are doing this with a strong purpose at heart: Their vision is to democratize entrepreneurship and wealth creation - Bringing as they are saying “equity to all”.

In short, TribeShares is developing a full suite digital platform for the private capital market: The Equity Marketplace

The platform consists of solutions that makes the early-stage market both more efficient and accessible to both companies and investors.

  • For companies, the platform offers; solutions that simplifies legal work related to agreements and transactions of a company's securities, several different financing solutions and other solutions that can improve companies’ liquidity.

  • For investors, the platform offers; a strong dealflow of investment objects, a way for investors to co-invest with other successful early-stage investors, a dashboard for all of their unlisted investments and a one-stop solution for updates from these companies.

In addition to the above, TribeShares are working with some extremely exciting solutions which have the potential to redefine how equity is distributed. Bringing their visions closer to reality.

We are excited to be able to support them on their bold mission!

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